Call us at 417-743-2772 or e-mail us before your hunt to receive Free Shipping Tags for your foreign trophies or Alaskan trophies. These are to be attached to both capes/skins and the horns or antlers. Remember they are your trophies make sure it gets done. This can help to eliminate any confusion that might arise on skins or horns that did not get identified correctly with the hunters information.

Please include your name, address and phone numbers. Include cell numbers also for these tags and indicate the approximate number of animals that might be hunted so we can send the proper amount of tags.

Overseas Shipping:
D & L Custom Brokers
2105 South Arlington Heights Rd
Arlington, IL 60005

tel: 847-690-0690
fax: 847-690-0699
email: lisaj@dlchb.com
email: laura.durgin@dlchb.com

Alaska Shipping:
The Wildlife Gallery Alaska Depot
9818 W Delmar Ave.
Wasilla, AK. 99623
Dave Dunn cell # after hours contact 907-355-8297

Trophy Transport
We highly recommend Trophy Transport. You can visit their website by clicking here or reach them by phone at 877-644-9757.