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Totally Awesome Taxidermy Studio has over 40 years of experience, specializing in big game taxidermy. Creating you a trophy of quality craftsmanship and exacting detail.


Jim Guist of Totally Awesome Taxidermy has been specializing in taxidermy since 1979.

Totally Awesome

Totally Awesome Taxidermy has created thousands of works of art. For clients, and museums around the world. What can we create for you?

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Jim Guist

I have worked my whole life in the taxidermy field. Having done thousands of taxidermy projects, from a child’s first deer, to that once in a lifetime dream trophy! Whether you have an idea or just want me to have free-reign we will create that perfect display of your trophy. Let us Immortalize your Hunt!

Quality Craftsmanship

The understanding of animals anatomy allows us to create realistic gestures, suspend an action, or capture subtle expressions in the animals face. It’s the details that bring your trophy to life. Quality and craftsmanship go into every mount, from a spike buck to a grizzly bear, each is treated with the same level to detail

“Quality Craftsmanship Does Not Cost, it Lasts”

It doesn’t have to be just a memory

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The Anticipation

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The Thrill

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The Moment


Immortalize the moment & relive your excitement a trophy doesn’t have to be, just a mounted head. From elegant pedestal mounts to majestic full body displays.  We encourage you to visit our 4000 square foot showroom. Use the contact page or call to set an appointment. We look forward to meeting you.

My Hunts

I am a passionate observer of wildlife. My travel has included North America states, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Russia/Siberia, Ukraine as well as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Tanzania. This has allowed me to observe and study your animal in their natural habitat.

Video of our Studio

Watch the video for a studio tour featuring some of Jim’s personal trophies and other projects.



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