Jim Guist, Owner and Master Taxidermist

Jim Guist

Artist/Master Taxidermist

I have specialized in big game taxidermy since 1979, along with over 38 years of experience studying wildlife anatomy and behavior. Having the good fortune to travel and hunt many of the North America states including Alaska, also Canada, Russia/Siberia, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania.This has allowed me to observe many animals first hand while in their native habitat, giving me the ability to recreate wildlife in exacting details

*Official Safari Club International Scorer & Life Member of SCI

*Former SCI Museum Assistant Curator, Tuscon Arizona

*Former Taxidermist Jonas Brothers of Denver Colorado

*Many awards in state and world competitions

*2012 Dangerous Game of Africa Award (Big Five plus Crocodile and Hippo) from Safari Club International & KC SCI Chapter

*2012 Awarded the Highly Coveted Big Five Award (Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Lion and Rhino) from Safari Club international & KC SCI Chapter

*Graduated American Institute of Taxidermy, 1979

*Harvested Former #1 SCI Javelina Bow, 1994

*Harvested Former #4 B&C Alaskan Moose, 1989

*Harvested Former #1 Russian Brown Bear, 1999

*Harvested #6 SCI Crocodile in Tanzania, 2006

*Harvested all “major” huntable cats (lion, leopard, mt. lion, bobcat, lynx)

*Awarded African Hunter of the Year by SCI Ozark Chapter, 2008

*Taxidermist for the “Catch-A-Dream” hunts for children with life threatening illness at Little Flat Creek Ranch in Purdy MO, since 2003

Please feel free to contact us at 417-743-2772 with any questions you may have.

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